It’s all in the details…

I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately with unpacking, organizing and trying to transform this old “foreclosure home” into something pretty. I typically only have space in my mind for one creative pursuit at a time, hence, writing has taken a back seat for a brief season.

But I’ve been amazed at how God is still present even when I’m focused on simple, temporal matters – such as… which faucet to buy for the powder room.

You see… this faucet couldn’t be too copperish – it had to be really dark bronze – almost black. And then there is this one style that I just love. I call it the waterfall faucet, because when it’s on – it looks like a small waterfall. What can I say? It’s the little things that lift my spirit!

So, I’m standing in Home Depot – eyeing that elusive waterfall faucet – but the color is just not right… way too copperish – and that means it will totally clash with Eric’s mother’s antique mirror that we just HAVE to put in the powder room, right? Right! :-)  …But then my eye stopped on an open box – an outdated box – but with all the right parts – and guess what was in that box??? My waterfall faucet!! But it wasn’t copper. It was dark, dark bronze with just a few copper accents! Oh yeah baby! It was the old model – before they updated it to all copper, and God saved it just for me!!! I’m still a little giddy.

You wanna see it?

And while I’m at it, I’ll show you a few more favorite spots in my old foreclosure home….

I love this pillow!

I love the modern light fixture juxtaposed against Eric’s grandmother’s old fruit paintings :-)

I like this color combination… red with bluish green. It matches the colors in Eric’s grandmother’s painting above. Gotta love that!

More new and old things.

I’ve also been thinking about how our 2 year anniversary of the accident is almost here. And how much both Anne and I have changed in the past year. But I’ll write more about that later. I have to help Eric install the new faucet ;-)


Pray for Anne…

March 2012’s prayer requests:

  1. For Anne’s left foot and hand to respond to her new medication,
  2. For Anne’s self control to catch up to her self awareness,
  3. For Anne to gain more emotional toughness… in order to persevere and strive to get better,
  4. And lastly, for Anne to continue to wrestle with God’s goodness and love for her – and ultimately for her to grow to be a faithful woman of God!

Anne’s seizures have virtually disappeared with a slight increase of her current medication! Thank you for praying!