Pray for Anne…

May 2014’s prayer requests:

Please pray for Anne…

  1. Anne’s self-awareness has improved so much that now she becomes extremely angry when she doesn’t get what she wants or has to wait to get what she wants. She screams, cries and bites. Her biting is dangerous because sometimes she bites herself. Please pray that Anne would learn to control her anger and for us as we try to calm her during her anger spells.
  2. Summer is almost here! Please pray stamina as I seek to find new ways to challenge Anne this summer.
  3. Please continue to pray for Anne’s walking and reading. She has made great strides in her walking and small strides in her reading. I’m praying for her reading ability to explode this summer!

Thank you so much! Your continued prayer and support after all these years is an inspiration to our family!

7 thoughts on “Pray for Anne…

  1. paulette says:

    We will pray specifically for the biting to end, and for Sweet Anne to be calmed and ready to continue to persevere and work hard. It’s exhausting. Who of us wants to do that without her challenges?! We are praying!

    And we will pray that now that her walking is improving, her little brain can shift its focused-healing-work to reading!

    We love you all!


  2. Ruth King says:

    Thanks for your faithfulness in keeping us informed with the exciting as well as challenging issues. The Jacksons quickly became an integral part of my prayer life when I first started coming to Christ Church. It has been a long journey, but God has clearly shown Himself in it all. I am praying with expectation for Anne’s biting issues; that these energies be channeled in more productive ways. I also pray for the whole family as you devise creative ways to pull this off! You can do it…no doubt.


  3. Adrienne Duris says:

    I will never forget the day that Anne( Canon, Kate & Mom) came visited my classroom 3 years ago and how far she has come. We don’t have to put everything out of reach with fear of Anne taking it and putting in her mouth. Anne can sit and watch a movie with a group of same aged peers( something unthinkable 2 years ago). Anne is starting to be able to complete short worksheets with some teacher help. She has come so far with age appropriate discussions with her classmates in the OI classroom. I am so looking forward to 3rd grade with Anne being able to spend more time with her typical peers. She has improved so much over the past 3 years. I know it is hard for her at home. And that she gets frustrated, but all I can say how far she has come. And she has her supportive family and church to thank and also all the hard work she did.

    Have a great summer.

    Ms. Adrienne


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