Ordinary Moments

This morning, I was reading in my bedroom and I could hear Kate and Anne talking in the living room. Anne was confiding in Kate the way typical sisters do.

“Kate, my friend at school can walk. She doesn’t have a wheelchair like me. I don’t want this brain injury anymore.”

“I’m sorry Anne.”

“Please don’t ever leave me, Kate.”

Then I heard giggles, whispering and Kate’s footfalls approaching my bedroom. “Mom, can I make pancakes for me and Anne?”


This is my view…Anne in her chair watching Kate work in the kitchen. An ordinary moment between sisters.

The ordinary moments are beautiful. They aren’t frenzied, anxious or forced. They remind me of God’s grace – often overlooked in these ordinary moments of life.

God’s mercies are new every morning!


One thought on “Ordinary Moments

  1. Lu says:

    Ahhh the gift of “ordinary moments”. No striving, no effort, they simply “are”.
    (Yet behind the scenes a zillion sleepless nights, marathon prayer-a-thons and unseen mountainous efforts took place, so “ordinary” could indeed whisper it’s presence in your world once again).


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