Good & Bad News

I (Kathryn) got to spend an extended time at the hospital with Anne today. I prayed this morning that God would encourage me today. He answered that prayer:-)

Eric’s life-long friend Howe who lives in Princeton, NJ flew down for the weekend and attended the early morning prayer service for us and then stayed for church. Howe is like family to us, so it was very meaningful for him to meet some of our church family in Atlanta.

I had many sweet friends visit in the hospital today. Last night was volatile b/c they dropped so many meds, but today she remained relatively stable. But most encouraging of all was… her pupils responded to light; I saw her cough, and lastly, she lightly squeezed my finger. I would say that God answered my prayer – abundantly!

So when we met with Anne’s neurosurgeon, and he said he had both good and bad news… I was prepared. God had shown me throughout the day, that He is our good, loving Father, and I can trust Him.

I’ll let Eric describe the good and bad news. He’s better at the technical stuff than I am. Basically, the good news is that the left side of her brain appears healthy. The bad news, is that there is ambiguity regarding the right side of her brain. So we wait…

Thank you for waiting and praying with us. I’m going to sleep :-)


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