Rabbit’s Embarrassing Moment

Okay… this is my absolute favorite of Canon’s Rabbit & Squirrel Stories. This one makes me laugh out loud at the end!! (If you want to read his others stories, click here :-)

Rabbit’s Embarrassing Moment

Rabbit and Squirrel are hanging out in rabbit’s burrow.

Rabbit: Squirrel, you want to have a jumping contest?
Squirrel: Uh, what kind? Up or across?
Rabbit: Up. And you can’t back out of the contest now.
Squirrel: Oh come on!

Squirrel jumps up and goes about half way to the ceiling (about 1 ½ feet up in the air).

Rabbit (laughing): Is that all you got?

Rabbit jumps up, hits his head on the ceiling and face-plants himself into the dirt below.

Rabbit (with his head in the dirt): Hey, who turned out the lights?
Squirrel: Um, actually you just face-planted yourself in the dirt.
Rabbit (thinking, I’m way too good of a jumper to do that…): No, really squirrel. Turn back on the lights.
Squirrel: Okay rabbit, here I go!

And squirrel grabs rabbit’s tail and pulls him out of the dirt.

Squirrel (while pointing to the rabbit-sized hole in the dirt): There’s proof that you face-planted yourself into the dirt.
Rabbit: Oh. Can I try again?
Squirrel: Nope.
Rabbit: Well, I’m used to jumping outside.
Squirrel: Well next time, we can have the contest at my house, and you can knock yourself out when you face-plant into my TREE!
Rabbit: Ugh.

Squirrel’s Birthday Sleepover

Here’s Canon’s 6th Rabbit & Squirrel story. This story refers back to Rabbit Finally Wins (where both rabbit & squirrel build a robot) and Squirrel’s Wonderful Tail (where we learn that the tail is THE pride of a squirrel!) You can read all of Canon’s stories at the following links:

Squirrel’s Birthday Sleepover

It’s November 8, Squirrel’s birthday.

Squirrel: Yahoo! It’s my birthday! Rabbit and I are having a sleepover!
Squirrel calls rabbit…
Squirrel: Let’s have a birthday sleepover!
Rabbit: Okay, let’s do it. When can I come over to your tree?
Squirrel: 5pm. I’ll serve dinner. And I’ll remember to put the ladder out for you.
Rabbit: Okay, it’s settled. I’ll bring a birthday present. Do you want me to bring cake too?
Squirrel: Sure, but you know I love cake, so DON’T FORGET IT!
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Squirrel’s Wonderful Tail

Canon’s written another one… and it’s pretty funny :-) If you’re bored and like reading stories written by 8-year-old boys, then check out his other rabbit and squirrel stories:

Squirrel’s Wonderful Tail

Rabbit wants to play a trick on squirrel.

Rabbit (thinking): Oh, I am going to get squirrel …so bad!
Squirrel: Hi Rab-

Rabbit whips a paint ball out from behind his back and throws it right at squirrel’s tail.

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Rabbit’s Birthday

Canon continues his tales of Rabbit and Squirrel with this latest installment. From now on, it’s important to know a little of the history between rabbit and squirrel! But if you don’t want to take the time to read: Why Rabbit makes Squirrel Run, How Flying Squirrels Came to Be, and Rabbit Finally Wins – just know that in the last story, Rabbit and Squirrel each built a robot.  Rabbit’s robot has a TV in his chest, and squirrel’s robot can make hot cocoa. (Which robot would you like best?)

Rabbit’s Birthday
It’s January 13, rabbit’s birthday.

Rabbit: Yahoo! It’s my birthday baby!!!!!
Squirrel: Yeah, that’s really exciting. I’ve already built you a birthday present.
Rabbit (with a mischievous look on his face): So what is it?
Squirrel: Well, it’s a… whoops! Not supposed to tell.
Rabbit (thinking, “oh come on”): Well, let’s call all of my friends and tell them I’m going to have a birthday party.
Squirrel: How about we say it’s on Saturday, because everyone won’t have presents for you yet, except for me of course.
Rabbit: Okay. I wish I still had my robot (he took it apart so he could build something else). He could go get the phone for me. Guess I’ll go get it for myself.
Squirrel (sighing): Oh fine Rabbit, I’ll go get the phone for you.

Squirrel got the phone and Rabbit calls all of his friends. On Saturday, all of rabbit’s friends come over to rabbit’s burrow.

Rabbit: Welcome to my birthday party! We’re going to play games first.

First, they do rabbit’s favorite game, Leap Frog (because he’s a great jumper). Then they play his friends’ favorite games.

Squirrel: I’ve been waiting for cake the whole time. Can we have cake NOW?
Rabbit: But wait, we haven’t done your favorite game.
Squirrel: My favorite game is that the birthday rabbit blows out the candles and everyone eats the cake.
Rabbit: Okay, it’s settled. We’ll eat the cake.
Squirrel: Thank you. I think I’ve lost a couple of pounds.
All friends: Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Rabbit. Happy Birthday to you.
Squirrel: CHA-CHA-CHA!

Rabbit blows out the candles, and they all dig in. Squirrel eats the most!

Rabbit (thinking… I really can’t wait to open squirrel’s present): Let’s open presents now!

Rabbit opens the presents, but he couldn’t find the present from squirrel.

Squirrel (walking in with a huge box): Anybody looking for a present from me?
Rabbit: Uh, Yeah. I’ve been dying to know what your present is!

Rabbit opens squirrel’s present which is a …….. ROBOT!

Squirrel: Did you like your new robot?
Rabbit: Duh! I loved it!!! Everybody, time for TV!

Rabbit whistles. His robot pops the television out of his chest, and everyone watches ALL the episodes of CARROT WARS. It was rabbit’s best birthday ever.

Rabbit Finally Wins!

Here is Canon’s 3rd installment in his “Rabbit & Squirrel Story Series.” If you haven’t yet, check out his first and second stories too :-)

Rabbit Finally Wins!

The animals are going through an industrial revolution (like the humans did).

Rabbit: Hey Squirrel, I just bought the best building machine ever!!!!
Squirrel: I bought a machine too.
Rabbit: How about we program our building machines to build a robot. Then our friends can vote on which robot has the best function, looks the best and has the best manners.
Squirrel: Okay, but it has to be fair. Our friends cannot know who built which robot, so they will vote for the best robot, NOT the best animal.
Rabbit: Okay, good add-on. Let’s do it!

Rabbit and squirrel both program their machines to build a robot. After about 1 animal month (which equals one day to humans), rabbit comes to squirrel.

Rabbit: Okay Squirrel, I’m finished!
Squirrel: Good, I’ve been waiting two weeks for you. Watch what my robot can do…

Squirrel snaps his fingers, and the robot appears with two cups of hot cocoa in his two metal, claw-like hands.

Rabbit (wide-eyed): WOW! But my robot’s better (and it looks better too!)

Rabbit whistles and his robot shows up, with a TV on his chest. So rabbit and squirrel sit down with their hot cocoa and watch television.

Squirrel: Oh, we were having so much fun that we forgot to invite our friends to vote on the best robot!
Rabbit: Robot, phone please.

His robot hands rabbit the phone. Rabbit calls all of his friends, and kindly lets squirrel use his phone so squirrel could call his friends too. All of the friends gather, and squirrel addresses the crowd of friends…

Squirrel: These are the rules of the vote. You will not know who built each robot. You must vote for the robot that you like the most. There will be two boxes over here by this tree with the picture of each robot on the front. We will give out cards. You will write your name on the card and then place it in the box of the robot you like best. There are pencils between the boxes. LET THE COMPETITION BEGIN!

The robots perform for the friends, and the friends vote. After the votes are counted, Rabbit’s robot wins.

Squirrel: Well you won. I guess it’s fair, since I won the flying competition, and you did say that you would win next time.
Rabbit: Well thanks. I only won by one vote.
Squirrel: I guess animals like television more than hot cocoa!
Rabbit: Well television lasts longer and doesn’t get cold.

How Flying Squirrels Came To Be

Here’s the 2nd installment in Canon’s “Rabbit & Squirrel” Series. This one might be better than the first.  Check it out:

How Flying Squirrels Came To Be

The animals are all trying to make flying machines like the humans did 100 years ago….

Rabbit: I bet I can make the best flying machine.
Squirrel: Bet you can’t. Let’s have a “Build-Off.”
Rabbit: I’m in!
Squirrel: I’m going to tell you the rules:
1. You have a budget of $100. You can’t hire more than two helpers.
2. It has to be your idea. That’s it.

Rabbit: Okay. How long will the “Build-Off” be?
Squirrel: It will be exactly two months (that’s two days in human time).
Rabbit: Starting when?
Squirrel: NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They both scurry off in different directions. Squirrel gathers a bird and a mole (to gather things for him), while Rabbit gets just two other of his rabbit buddies.

…Two days later, Rabbit and Squirrel meet together in the forest.

Rabbit: I’ve got the best flying machine that’s ever been built!! …but I don’t know if it will fly yet.
Squirrel: Well, my flying machine might not look so good, but it will be the future for all squirrels!
Rabbit: Let’s see how both of our machines do in a contest.
Squirrel: You’re on!

Rabbit goes first. After two or three tries, he finally climbs a tree, straps himself into his wooden flying glider and jumps off. He drops like a rock. Thankfully, squirrel had placed a mattress underneath the tree, so rabbit wasn’t harmed.

Then Squirrel climbs up into the tree (with a lot easier time than rabbit had). Squirrel straps two leather wings from front paw to back paw on both sides of his body. He then jumps with his four legs spread as wide apart as possible. Because of his leather wings, he glides 100 yards (more or less).

Rabbit: Well… You fairly won my friend.
Squirrel: Thank you. Yours did pretty well too. (He had to be nice, didn’t he?)
Rabbit: Well… I’ll win next time!!!

Rabbit & Squirrel Stories

A couple of months ago, Canon had a composition assignment to write a dialogue between a rabbit and a squirrel.  He had so much fun, he decided he wanted to start a series of stories about Rabbit and Squirrel.  Well, he’s gone crazy lately.  He’s written five stories, and he has ideas for 3 more. They’re actually pretty funny. Here’s his introduction to Rabbit and Squirrel…

Why Rabbit Makes Squirrel Run

A rabbit and a squirrel see what looks like a UFO in the sky. As they are backing away, they bump into each other.

Rabbit: What in the world is that?
Squirrel: I have no idea. I guess it could be one of those flying plates that you see humans reading about in their comic books.
Rabbit: You mean with those “so-called aliens” and stuff?
Squirrel: Yeah!
Rabbit: RUN!!!!!!!

They run as fast as they can, a ½ mile or so.

Squirrel (while panting): Do you think we ran far enough?
Rabbit: Tell me if it’s right behind us.
Squirrel (while panting): OK, I’m telling you. IT’S RIGHT BEHIND US!!!!

Because squirrel is tired, they run ¼ mile this time.

Squirrel (while panting): Now is it gone?
Rabbit: Yes, it’s gone. It might have been a rain cloud.
Squirrel (while panting): You mean we did all that running for nothing!!!
Rabbit: No, I’m just saying that it MIGHT have been a rain cloud.
Squirrel (while panting): OK, I’m tired. I’m going home now.
Rabbit: I’m not tired – just hungry. I think I’ll run over to the farmer’s house and steal some cabbage and carrots.

The End.

P.S. It really was a rain cloud.

Squirrel (while panting): I can’t believe that rabbit made me run so far – FOR A RAIN CLOUD. I’m gonna go beat him up.