Show ready

Our house is still on the market. Eric and I would really love to downsize. It would be nice to have more monthly margin to cover Anne’s medical expenses, and I think I would enjoy having less house to clean!

Call me crazy but I love having my house on the market. I like the adventure of waking up and not knowing whether we will have a showing or not. I get excited when someone calls with a local number… it might be a real estate agent! The best part about listing your house for sale is that it has to be CLEAN! I love having a clean house. But I’m really bad about keeping it clean for my own satisfaction. I have to have external pressure to make me clean… Like someone coming over. Lots of people come over when your house is on the market!!

I know… I’m a little strange, but that just makes life more interesting;-) Now excuse me while I go clean my house, we have a showing tonight!