Anne responds!

They’re continuing to wean her off the sedation meds. So far she’s responding well.

I’ll share one exciting thing… I (Kathryn) brought my sweet friend, Tracy Bunch, back to see and pray for Anne. When I started talking to Anne, she opened one eye and looked right at me. I then walked to the other side of her bed and her one eye followed me. She then opened both eyes to look at me. I told her to fight, because she is a fighter! I talked to her for a while, and then told her to close her eyes and rest. She immediately closed her eyes! She still obeys her mommy :-)

Now, Eric wasn’t here and is by nature skeptical ;-) But I have both Tracy and Anne’s nurse as witnesses. So hopefully, with two witnesses, he’ll believe me!

Please pray that she’ll continue to respond well to the reduced sedation meds. God has sustained her today. We are so grateful.


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