Evidence of God’s grace…

Today was a difficult day for me personally. It’s painful to watch her tremor. She tremors when she’s agitated… either from her breathing tube or being moved – just anything that might over-stimulate her.

Even though the day was painful, God’s grace was evident…

Anne’s neurologist held a bright red Elmo doll close to Anne’s face and moved it. Anne tracked the doll with her eyes. That was very encouraging.

I was also able to calm her enough to stop her tremors a few times – just by being close and talking gently to her. Her eyes would lock onto mine and slowly, she would still. Though her eyes are dull and distant – she’s still my precious Anne.

God has bolstered Eric up, for he was amazing today – encouraging me with God’s sovereignty and mercy, assuring me that Anne was in His good hand. Eric is helping me hang on to the promise that God will work everything out for good. I love that man!

Please continue to pray for Anne. Pray that she would progress enough to remove her breathing tube – soon! (It causes her so much angst.) Pray for God to work out his good plan for Anne and our family – and most of all – that Anne would experience the fullness of God’s joy on this earth.

Gratefully, kathryn

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