Removing Anne’s ventilator

This morning the nurses are working to remove the ventilator.
Right after the ventilator came out of her, the words i heard on the praise music CD playing in Anne’s room: “This is the air I breath – your holy spirit living in me”. God supplies all we need!

God has answered the following specific prayers:

  1. Anne is alive! The first night we did not know whether she would make it.
  2.  Anne woke up! The doctors did not know if she would ever regain consciousness.
  3. The swelling in Anne’s brain has dramtically reduced
  4. Anne’s sedation continues to be reduced and she is responded well to it.
  5. Because of your guestbook entries, those scriptures help Kathryn and me know what to pray.

It is hard to tell if little Anne recognizes us yet. I think she may respond to Kathryn’s voice at times. She opens her eyes, but she doesn’t seem to be able to focus on us. This is very hard to see. I so want my little girl to be able to run and play and dance. . . . but i most want God’s plan for her, whatever that may be.

We pray that her brain will heal. I know God will take care of my little girl in His way, and in his timing.

Still reading through and praying over Mark 5 and Luke 8.


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