Anne’s 1st day in Rehab

i am so proud of my little girl! She did a great job in rehab today. She can swallow, smile a little, and move 1 finger. She can’t yet really move her eyes very well, or talk, but she really tried HARD to do everything that was asked. She did open her mouth a tiny bit for some popsicle. She never complained until she was in a bit of pain at the end. 8am to 4pm – a long first day!

In my feeble mind i can’t see how she will be able to talk, or walk, or much less sing or dance, but i need not worry about tomorrow; i only need to rejoice in the MANY wonders of today.

I love my sweet little girl, and so look forward to the morning when we can do it all over again — and i will be inspired to attempt the impossible watching her pressing ON, and to love my Lord more for keeping her and holding her close.


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