A little more from Anne

Every day we see a little more from Anne… She’s sitting better and eating better (she ate ice cream today). Her eyes are brighter and more focused and overall she seems more responsive. For example, in addition to smiling more, she laughed out loud for the first time today.

The Speech Therapist and I both think Anne tried to say, “uh huh” when asked if she wanted more ice cream. I just sat and cried, thinking about how thankful I was to hear my sweet girl try to speak.

Please pray:

  1. For God to preserve Anne’s cognitive abilities and ultimately, for her to speak,
  2. For Anne to gain greater control over her eyes,
  3. For Anne’s tremors to decrease so she can have more control using her hands, and
  4. For Anne’s character to be molded into Christlikeness as she perseveres through all her therapy sessions.

Tired but thankful, -kathryn

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