A few tidbits from the day…

  • Anne ate pureed food for dinner tonight! Her first real meal since the accident. Even in her agitated state – I think she enjoyed her food.
  • We are trying to teach Anne to say ‘yeah’ for yes and ‘unh-uh’ for no. She’s doing pretty well. Yesterday, I looked at Anne and said, “Hi!” and she said “Hi” right back. We’re very encouraged by her language development!
  • The whole family continues to eat dinner at the hospital together. Last night, Canon said to one of the therapists, “The hospital is like our second home. I’m here for my sister, Anne!”
  • Anne’s former sunday school teacher, Mrs. Debbie, is at the hospital with Anne tonight. Thank you Mrs. Debbie for allowing Eric to get some sleep!!!

Thank you everyone for praying. we are so grateful! -kathryn

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