Anne’s eyes!

I spent the morning in Kate’s class celebrating her last day of 3-year preschool. It was a sweet morning with Kate and Canon.

When I got to the hospital, Anne’s eyes were moving… and tracking… and focusing! Her eyes have improved HUGE amounts, literally, overnight! Her eyes aren’t consistently “normal” but they definitely have spurts of normalcy :-)

I can’t tell you what a huge encouragement this is to me. All along, I’ve wanted her eyes back the most. They represent the complexity of my sweet Anne – and I saw slight glimmers of herself in her eyes today. Thank you Jesus!

Please continue to pray:

  1. For wisdom for Eric and me and Anne’s doctors regarding her medications.
  2. For Anne to continue to improve in all the areas I listed last night: eyes, moving her head, strength in her legs, control of her hands, and less tightness in her elbow and ankles.
  3. For God to preserve Anne’s cognitive abilites and allow her to speak.
  4. For God to be glorified in this journey and for us to trust Him.


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