Surgery tomorrow…

Anne is having a great day …singing along in her music therapy session and riding the bike in her physical therapy session. I think it’s been her best day yet!

Tomorrow is a huge milestone for Anne. She is having surgery to replace the bone flap that was removed the day of the accident. (The neurosurgeon removed a part of her skull to allow for brain swelling and sent the ‘bone flap” to a bone bank for preservation.)

Even though her doctor says this is a simple surgery, and kids usually do great afterwards…. IT’S STILL BRAIN SURGERY :-) But we are excited to get this behind us and get back to rehab.

Please pray that there will be no complications from the surgery (scheduled for Tuesday at 1pm). After one night in the PICU, Anne will be back at rehab on Wednesday. We are so thankful for this next step in Anne’s recovery!

Thank you all! -kathryn

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