Anne’s out of surgery

The procedure was very successful. She will be in the ICU for a night or two, then hopefully back to rehab. She is experiencing pain now. She is saying OUCH alot and crying some. She is reaching for what is bothering her on her head – the many, many, many staples holding her scalp together.

Kathryn and i were so worried that she would not be herself for some time after surgery. . . . but she is already talking a little, holding our hands, and opening her eyes wide to watch us!! PRAISE GOD.

The primary nurse during Anne’s iniital stay in ICU is her nurse today – she was amazed at how great Anne looks and was blown away when she heard Anne speak!

Please pray:

  1. that there will be no complications from the surgery – no infections, no issues with the bone replacement, etc.
  2. that she would be able to get back to her rehab schedule tomorrow or the next day 
  3. that she would not be in any pain


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