Our therapeutic “outing”

Anne on her outing

Anne did well on the outing. It was emotionally difficult for me – which took me by surprise… We went to “story time” at a book store. Several toddlers were there. Being around ‘normal’ children highlighted the fact that my Anne is very much a ‘special needs’ child.

We’re still in limbo. We don’t know what Anne’s endpoint will look like. She’s still very much “progressing” in her recovery. It makes it hard to grieve, because if I grieve what Anne’s lost, well – she might gain it back a few months later. We just don’t know.

I strive to stay thankful for the present. God is so faithful and so good to our family. Yesterday, Canon said, “Mommy, today has been a blessed day. God is humble enough to do kind things for me.”

Good words from a 7-year-old boy.


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