Anne’s at HOME!!!!!

I expected to be very emotional when we left the hospital, but I wasn’t. I didn’t cry until we pulled into our driveway and saw balloons, streamers and “Welcome Home Anne” signs. We do have good friends.

Lunch was a comedy of errors. Anne continually dropped her food on the floor. Kate, being the helpful sister, would pick it up. But every time Kate bent over to pick up Anne’s food, Anne would grab her hair. About this time, the Orkin man shows up to spray for bugs. Great.

Anne and Kate are now having a ‘not-so-quiet’ quiet time in their room right now. Both of them need to rest, but I think they’re too excited to do so. Anne seemed very happy to be in her room. It was heart-warming to see.

We’ll start day-rehab on Monday. They’ll spend three days evaluating Anne and then we’ll make a plan based on her current progress, future goals and insurance coverage. Until then, we plan to relax at home and maybe try to go to the pool. Anne loves the water :-)


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