4th of July weekend

Our little family had a busy 4th of July weekend, and little Anne was right in the middle of all of it. Lots of swimming pool fun, a cookout, spending time with friends, an adventure getting to church with peachtree rd closed, and plenty of warm July sunshine :-) . Anne is really good at taking it all in stride. She is almost always happy, is quite engaging, and has a sunny little personality – we are so thankful for these 3 traits.

One of our prayers has been for Anne’s “no” answers and negative responses to turn to the positive. God has answered! Anne is now very positive – and seems always willing to try any new thing. Anne has also begun telling us what she wants to do, or where she wants us to take her, or how she is feeling.

Please continue to pray for Anne’s walking, reading, and writing. These are the three goals we have for her in the day rehab program. These three things seem almost impossible at the moment, and are such huge goals, but we serve a mighty God. I often find myself praying while i am on a run around the neighborhood – that one day Anne would be able to run beside me and that i would have a hard time keeping up. i can’t really imagine it, but for some reason i feel God calls me to pray that prayer. What an exciting day that would be!


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