Ok. Someone that I’ve never met just dropped by my house -with lunch – and she APOLOGIZED for being late. Amazing… Eric and I are continually blown away by the generosity of others.

I’ve given up trying to write thank you notes. I was keeping a list, but it’s become overwhelming. In addition to the myriads of cards and flowers we’ve received, people have given:

bandaids, medicines, shampoo, kids’ snacks, toilet paper, groceries, meals, lawn care, bibs, blankets, potty seats, suction bowls, car seats, car-seat protectors, car organziers, bath mat, spill proof bowls, travel trays, swim suit, spill mat, cash, checks, fundraisers, books, crafts for kids, t-shirts, home decor items, cds, books on cd, workbooks, child-care, vitamin waters, visits, phone calls and lots of prayer!

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something :-)

We’re so grateful – deeply grateful actually. It’s still hard to believe the sheer quantity of people who have pitched in to help us. It’s humbling and an honor all rolled up together. Most importantly, it’s freed us up to concentrate on Anne.

THANK YOU ALL! -kathryn, (for all of us Jacksons)

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