Another busy weekend

Spending the day with daddy, going to the pool, going to church, spending time with friends, sharing a meal with family, and more. . . . . and little Anne right in the middle of it. . . . it still amazes me that Anne just takes it all in stride; she seems to know that it is all good and seems to enjoy the journey. How i should learn from little Anne!

Little Anne continues to make bits of progress: She has begun to inhibit herself from throwing food on the floor and does this less than 25% of the time now. She is also now able to place her sippy cup on the table after taking a sip, instead of throwing it on the floor. The inflection in her voice has improved slightly. She has also improved her ability to carry a tune. She is beginning to read three letter words with assistance. She seems to be a little more expressive with her eyes and face. And she is now sitting quite well in a kid’s chair with very little assistance. GO ANNE!

All of you do such a wonderful job of connecting with Anne whenever you see her. You all have shown such compassion for her and it continues to minister thoroughly to me. Little Anne has never wanted to draw attention to herself and was always so shy. . . . but most of the shyness has gone away. She seems to really love all of you being a part of her life. We see all of the interaction she has with God’s family as fantastic therapy – all of the communication with little Anne through these encounters is just great for her. Thank you for not being afraid of Anne or her condition. Thank you for just talking with Anne and sharing yourselves with her.


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