This morning, Canon and I were visited by two of Smyrna’s finest. The two police officers that were first to the scene of our accident dropped by to see how our family was doing. Just the fact that they would take the time to check on us is – well… beyond their call of duty. They were sincerely concerned for us, and especially for Anne.

The officers took time to describe the scene of the accident. Their quick decisions and actions in the face of a night-marish tragedy were one piece in a large puzzle that God used to preserve Anne’s life.

I’ve thought several times how thankful I am that I was unconscious through most of the rescue. When I regained consciousness, the van was surrounded by emergency personnel – loads of them. My kids were obviously in dire need, and helpless myself, I took great comfort in the frenzy around me.

We have been visited by police officers and firemen. EMT workers – both from the ambulance and helicopter have written on this site. Anne’s neurosurgeon has personally written to us about how proud he is of Anne. Nurses and Techs have followed Anne’s progress. God used each of these people to help save Anne’s life. Most of these people thought Anne’s chance of survival was low …very low. Thankfully, God knew different!!

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high; I cannot attain it. Psalm 139:6


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