5 month update…

It’s been five months since the accident. Anne has made rapid improvement in so many areas – and we are now beginning to see what areas of her brain are the most affected by her injury.

Anne struggles most with attention. This affects everything she does, thinks and says. It’s difficult for her to hold a thought for very long and for her to focus on a task without getting distracted. Her lack of attention has a negative impact on all areas of her rehab – she can’t focus to walk, or put a puzzle together, or wait her turn. She actually has so many strengths. Her memory is in tact; she has excellent reasoning skills; she remembers how to read simple words, but her lack of attention prevents her from doing what she knows how to do – or from learning how to do new tasks.

Another area in which Anne struggles is impulsivity. Lack of attention and impulsivity go hand in hand. Whatever Anne thinks, she does. She doesn’t have the focus to inhibit her impulses.

Actually, her impulsivity has improved dramatically over the last few months, but it’s still an issue for Anne. Thankfully, Anne doesn’t think too much about inappropriate things. She cares about people, and that is demonstrated in her impulsivity. Let me give you an example:

Last night we were at the ballfield waiting for Canon to finish practice. She asked everyone who walked by, “What’s your name?” If someone stopped to answer, she would engage them in conversation and then as the person started to walk away, Anne would say, “Will you give me a hug?” Anne got lots of hugs last night :-)

These are impulsive behaviours from a very sweet six year old. We are so thankful for Anne’s innocent spirit and her ability to endear herself to others!

Please pray that:

  1. Anne’s attention would increase so that she could work hard to get better,
  2. Anne’s impulsivity would decrease so that she could communicate more effectively to her peers and others, and
  3. For Anne to KNOW God’s love and care for her.

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