Smart Girl!

We have a little game of riddles that we play as a family. I read the following riddle and ANNE guessed the answer before Canon or Kate had any idea. See the bottom of the post for the answer: “After a shower you may see someone who is wet holding me. Like wind in your hair you feel me, but much more controlled you will be.”

Canon and Kate were trying to remember the verse 2 Peter 1:21. While they were struggling, Anne spoke up and said it perfectly! We all just looked at each other and all hugged Anne!!

We have noticed that little Anne seems to have all of her smarts and intellectual ability, but her capacity for appropriate responses can at times be hidden behind her inattention and impulsivity.

Our little Anne now has the distinguished crown as the LOUDEST person in our family! It is really quite amazing considering that for so long Anne was so flat, monotone, and quiet. Now, she is so the opposite. So much joy and emotion. She really loves to yell and scream for joy with laughter and smile. She really gets excited when we play music!

We are praying for:

  1. Anne’s oral fixation, impulsivity, and inattention to decrease
  2. Standing and walking
  3. Anne’s heart to be filled with God

answer: hair dryer


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