Life has been very good lately…

We had a wonderful visit with family yesterday. Eric’s family from France are in the States for a few days. As we gathered with everyone, Anne seemed more lucid. Her eyes were bright, and she seemed less impulsive than usual. It was a good time.

This morning, Anne’s PT visited. It is so clear that she is God’s provision for Anne right now. She spent extended time with Anne, and Anne seemed to perform well for her. The PT is genuinely excited to work with Anne which is so encouraging to me. She’s so knowledgeable and experienced. I’ve learned so much from her already!

One interesting observation she made was that Anne’s muscles have good strength and seem to work well. Her brain just needs to be rewired to move them correctly. This requires that we are consistent with her exercises. She seems to learn quickly – but she doesn’t carry over new skills from day to day. Repetition and consistency are very important for Anne – two things that I do not excel in.

So please pray that I might be disciplined to do Anne’s exercises and also creative to see ways I can incorporate ‘therapy’ into our daily activities.

One last thought. I’ve had more peace about Anne than ever before. I think it stems from two things… First, acknowledging that Anne is forever different is a step toward acceptance – which is one of the stages in grief. In other words, I don’t feel as weighed down by grief as much as before (that could change, but for now, it’s nice :-). Second, I feel like I’m resting more in God’s hand and plan for Anne. It’s easy to place my trust in good things – like therapy, nutrition or Anne’s progress – but ultimately, God has the final say about Anne’s life. It’s refreshing to find rest in God alone.

Thankfully, kathryn

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