Pray for Anne…

May 2011’s prayer requests:

  1. That Anne would push through her fears and hypersensitivity to have the courage to retrain her body to move (walk, reach, stand, scoot, stand, twist…)
  2. For Anne to continue to come alive cognitively. She is amazing. God is so good.
  3. That Anne would continue to learn how to read, write and walk.
  4. Lastly, please thank God for being very close to Anne and giving her the comfort and peace she needs to persevere in her recovery.

God has moved mightily to answer ALL of April’s prayer requests. Anne is adjusting to her seizure med, seems less tired, has stopped stuttering and is filled with a sweet love for Jesus! She started reading; she wrote the letter “A” and she took two steps with her cane by herself! Thank you for praying!!

7 thoughts on “Pray for Anne…

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    ✿•*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•✿.
    . . . ✿•*¨`*•(¯`v´¯)•´*¨`*•✿
    ✿•*¨`*•.✿•**•. •¨`*•✿.•´*¨`*•✿
    Praying all these things and more!


  2. Rebecca says:

    This is so thrilling. We are blessed with Anne’s growing brain and potential. It is amazing to see the seeds of hope flourish. And I am praying she will know God is near her and that she will continue to love and know her dear and good master, Jesus.
    And Lu–loved your comment :-D You are so creative!! I want to say “ditto” i feel the same way :-)


    • Seeds of hope… It’s so hard to hope sometimes, but I do in spite of my fear of earthly disappointment. God’s ways are not mine, and they will not be thwarted!


  3. Rebecca says:

    I know it’s hard to hope. But for your friends, it has been easier to hold those bags of seeds. That’s one of the many ways we can love you in community. For me, it is exciting to see the unfolding of a vision of Anne God put in my heart for the past year. I know if the situation were reversed, I would find imagining restoration difficult. But then, I have personally been through physical transformation. And guess who was in it with me, hoping and praying? you!


    • Rebecca says:

      I was thinking today how hard it is to guide our children if they are having difficulty understanding what God is doing in their lives with illness or not being able to do something well. The difficulty fo us is that WE are still learning the lessons, too! Yet the beauty in this scenario is our children see us leaning and trusting in God and not relying on our own strength; which is where we all need to be. it’s where we all really are!


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