Canon’s prayer

Just weeks after the accident, I had a hard conversation with Canon about Anne… “Anne’s brain has been hurt. We don’t know how that will affect Anne. There could be things about her that will be different.” Canon, in honorable big-brother fashion, took all this in, cried a bit and turned brave. All the time Anne was in the hospital, Canon prayed, “God, please help Anne talk and walk and run again.  But we know that none of these things matter compared to this: please let her remember her faith in you.” The first time he prayed this, I inwardly screamed, “NO! Those things DO matter. I want her to talk. I want her to walk.” And if I were honest, I wanted my Anne back more than I wanted her to “remember her faith” in God.

God has changed me. That’s the only explanation for what I’m about to write. Now – my greatest desire is for her to remember her faith in God… For her to know Him intimately, and to tell of His mighty works in her life. For her to know His love that is wider and higher and deeper than her wildest dreams. If from eternity past, God knew that Anne would have to pass through this tragedy and suffer physical and cognitive disability in order to win her heart for Himself – well so be it. We’ll walk this road and rejoice for the eternity we’ll spend made whole in heaven.

Canon doesn’t pray that prayer anymore… but I pray it for him. God let Anne know you…. and she will be healed, forever.

7 thoughts on “Canon’s prayer

  1. Rebecca says:

    This is why you are blessed. Not cursed…for our children to know and love God is to have everything, dear sister. It is the reason for our striving or we strive for nothing ….


  2. Erin says:

    Kathryn, what joy I had to hear Anne’s declaration of the gospel…for all who were around us the other day! “Jesus paid the cost…He died for my sins.” I can see the Lord answering those prayers. She has been filled with and knows truth, and now speaks it without fear and with confidence! May she continue to know God’s grace in her life and make the faith of those around her, her own.


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