Radio Silence

Sorry for the long absence. The month of May marks the end of school, and since my three children are in three different schools… well, we’ve been busy. Kate’s last day was Friday; Canon & Anne both finish Wednesday, and our summer will begin.

Frankly, I’m a little anxious about summer. I usually love having my children at home, but Anne is in a “demanding” phase which makes life difficult. But it forces me to interact with her, which is vital for her continued development and recovery.

Adding to my anxiety is the fact that I have been a bit lazy about reading the bible lately – which is always a source of great comfort for me. I’m sure God still has a good plan for Anne’s life – it’s just hard for God to remind me when I’m not reading His word!

Sigh. I can’t wait for heaven :-)

4 thoughts on “Radio Silence

  1. Khristy Williamson Humphries says:


    Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers since I heard of the accident. I’ve been reading your entries for the past couple of months being amazed by you and wondering how I could encourage you. I wanted to tell you how much you inspire me with your faith (all of your family). It leads me to know and believe without a doubt that Annie’s faith is with her. It is with her forever because of the faith each one of you have. I will continue to pray for answered prayers and for an incredible summer of continued miracles. Thank you for sharing your heart.


    • Thank you so much for writing Khristy! It is such a huge encouragement just to know people are tracking and praying for us. What a sweet friend you are. I love seeing the pictures of you with your kids. You look like an amazing mom! Much love, k


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