Family Crest

Canon is studying medieval times at school. Friday’s assignment was to create his own family crest. The students were given lots of options… including colors, animals and objects all listed with its respective symbolic meaning. Canon put a lot of thought into his shield and chose symbols that had special meaning to him and to our family. Here’s his shield:

And here is Canon’s explanation…

Here is a list of the things I chose and their meaning:

  • Black: grief (I chose black because of all the grief we’ve had since my sister, Anne’s, car accident)
  • Gold: generosity (I chose gold because of all the generosity people have shown us since the car accident.)
  • Lion: courage (I chose the lion because we have to have courage to get over what happened to Anne.)
  • Wolf: perseverance (I chose the wolf because we have to have perseverance to keep hoping that Anne will continue to heal.)
  • Horse: duty (I chose the horse because if you want to be a believer of Christ you have to be ready to do his bidding.)
  • Fox: wisdom ( I chose the fox because we need God’s wisdom to make good decisions for Anne and the rest of our family.)

I think all of these things are characteristics of our family.

I’m so thankful that Canon thinks deeply about the spiritual implications of Anne’s accident. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for him!!!!

2 thoughts on “Family Crest

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Hi Canon,

    Your Family Crest is Splendid. Well Done, Well Done!

    LOVE all the thought and careful consideration you put into creating it. The words you chose to describe your choices say it VERY well.

    Continuing to lift you up in prayer, Canon, as I do ALL your family members. ‘Am really proud of you! YOU are Amazing.

    Hope your days have LOTS of reasons to laugh, in the middle of all the challenging stuff.

    Love Ya,
    Ms Lu


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