The Crippled Lamb

I pulled a book off the shelf the other day to read to Kate and Anne. We hadn’t read it in a while…

The Crippled Lamb is a story about a lamb named, Joshua. He was born with a crippled leg, so when the shepherds prepare the herd to travel to the next field, he is left behind as he is unable to make the long journey. The shepherds leave Joshua with his only friend, Abigail the cow. Abigail is old – and wise – and as they make their way to the barn, she gently reminds Joshua, “God has a special place for those who feel left out.”

And then Anne started crying. My sweet Anne, my crippled Anne, identified with Joshua, the lamb.

The story continues as Joshua and Abigail are in the barn asleep and are awakened by a baby’s cry in the night. The baby is cold, and there is no blanket. Joshua offers to lie close to the baby to keep him warm… and then the shepherds appear, excited and proclaiming that this is the Savior, the new born King. And Joshua looks at the baby snuggled against his wool and realizes that this was his special purpose. If he hadn’t been born crippled, he would have missed the Savior.

And Anne cried. and cried. and cried. And I held her close and prayed… thanking God that He has a special place… for Anne.


6 thoughts on “The Crippled Lamb

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh, this just breaks my heart and encourages all at the same time. I pray pray pray Anne identifies with Joshua’s purpose as much as his brokenness…sweet sweet child…


  2. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Oh Sweet Anne,

    God does indeed have a VERY Special place for you. One NOBODY else could fill. Not even the “you” you used to be.

    You are precious and He loves you soooo very much.

    Did you know? You’ve been uniquely touched by Him already. For, by “human terms” you shouldn’t even be here…..but …..
    because of a multitude of prayers, and His Divine touch, He choose to allow you to stay with us, so He could use you in a very special way.

    Even tho it doesn’t FEEL like it, He is using you already.

    And when the time is just exactly right, He will use you in ways YOU can tell, too.

    You Bless MY heart, sweetie, and I’m so very, very glad you are here.
    I’m sorry it’s VERY hard sometimes.

    Praying for you MANY times EVERY day.

    Ms Lu


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