Kate is six.

Today is Kate’s sixth birthday. To be frank, I’ve been very sad in the weeks leading up to this day. The old Anne never reached this milestone. On her sixth birthday, she was struggling to write the letter “A.” Kate has perfect, beautiful handwriting and can read 2nd-grade-level-chapter-books.

Oh, I know that comparing is futile. But I wonder if Anne will ever get to where Kate is right now – at the ripe old age of 6. After many tears, I’ve come to the conclusion that Anne is on her own track… Her “progress” can’t be measured by the typical standardized tests. She is measured using a different standard – a “Kingdom of God” standard. She might not be able to read and write as well as Kate, but she’s good at encouraging others. She can’t walk on her own, but she is tender-hearted and kind (well, most of the time ;-)

And because of Anne’s disability, Kate has the opportunity to advance in “Kingdom” lessons too…. like sacrifice and patience.

We celebrated the stuffins’ out of Kate’s birthday today. We did and ate all of her favorite things – surrounded by all of her favorite people. Ironically, we celebrated Anne’s sixth birthday with the same people. This is what Eric wrote about that day:

This morning Anne was surrounded by the Bratcher and McKinney girls – they all loved on her and cuddled with her and talked to her. God had a good plan before the foundations of the earth and in that plan included a morning such as this – all for little Anne – just to bless her and show me that HE cares about even the little things, and especially Anne.

I could write the same thing about Kate today! Though Kate and Anne share different skills and strengths, they have one vital thing in common – they both have been bought by the precious blood of Jesus, and He has a good plan for each of them. They are both good… just different :-)

2 thoughts on “Kate is six.

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Happy 6th Birthday, Kate. What an AWESOME age to be!
    I’m glad you had a fantabulous Birthday Celebration.
    I know I’m almost a total stranger, yet…….I Celebrate you and the incredible young lady you are. I Celebrate your gifts, your talents, your ability to read…..and I Celebrate what a Splendid Sister you are.
    But mostly, I Celebrate YOU.

    Special hugs to you, Sweet Mommy.
    Holding you up to the Father, in your sadness, in your comparing, in your all-ness. May He do what He does best, ministering to you in His own unique ways that are a healing balm to your spirit. You are His, and He knows you from the inside out. He knows where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’ll one day be. Pretty amazing, yes?!

    Please know that the love that encircles you and the prayer-songs that lift you and each of your family members up, are stronger than ever, even while snail mail and posts are temporarily MIA.

    Busy dancing with what life’s throwing my way on this end, confident in His watchcare. In all the ways that matter most, things are wonder-filled…. just missing getting those cards out…..and wanted to be sure you knew it’s got NOTHING to do with you or the intent of my heart, and is just one of those temporary shifts in the music of life.

    Hugs all round.


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