Pray for Anne…

July 2012’s prayer requests:

  1. While June was highly structured, July is just the opposite. Please pray for me to establish a structure for Anne, and have the discipline to keep it consistently. Anne thrives under structure, and I struggle with it…
  2. Anne improved dramatically, both physically and cognitively during her 3-week Therasuit therapy. Please pray that she would continue to improve at home.
  3. Please pray that Anne would learn how to control her anger. When she gets angry, she will sometimes hit or pinch the person closest to her… which is usually me. This means I also need prayer for wisdom and patience to coach Anne to deal with her anger.
  4. Lastly, please pray that Anne would come to know and trust in God’s goodness.

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Pray for Anne…

  1. Praying for you and for the family as you enter the summer schedule where relaxing is good, but structure for Anne may make it more difficult to truly relax. May all of you rest in the Lord.


  2. Structure in Anne’s life is paramount for her to take hold and learn to function as normally as possible. However, this is true of all children! All children need to learn boundaries. Where your other children already kmow theirs, Anne is still learning. May God be with you and your family during the days of July and y’all struggle and learn from all the experiences you encounter. God bless each and everyone of you. Trust and have faith in God for He will see you through everything!


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