3 Kids = 3 Schools

That’s right. All three kids are going to different schools.

I felt like a pro this morning, getting all three kids up and ready and out the door. Not so last year. Last year I was a mess!

God has been so faithful to provide the perfect school situation for each of my kids.

  • Canon enters the 4th grade at ACCA, an excellent private christian school. We discovered last spring that only one boy was returning to his class. I began praying for a new family with a 4th grade boy to come to ACCA. God answered! Joshua is the newest member of the 4th grade at ACCA. He is the oldest of three children. Up until now, he was home schooled, but because of a tragedy in his family – concerning his little sister – his mother decided to put him in private school. Does that sound familiar? Aside from the type of tragedy, Joshua and Canon have much in common. God has provided for Canon (and for Joshua).
  • Anne enters the 1st grade at Nickajack, an excellent public school in our area. I found out last spring that all of Anne’s therapists and para-pro’s would not be returning this year. So we prayed, specifically for Anne’s physical therapist and her new para-pro. I found out this morning that Anne’s new school PT worked with her in the Children’s Day Rehab Program 2 years ago. How amazing is that?? God takes care of Anne.
  • And Kate. Well, I’m homeschooling Kate. My little girl suffered from not having enough time with mommy last year. So now we have hours of uninterrupted time together. Our first morning has already been profoundly good. I pray that this year lays a foundation of godly character in her life.

So that’s our school year for 12-13. It promises to be a good, good year.

9 thoughts on “3 Kids = 3 Schools

  1. Taylor says:

    What an encouraging post, Kathryn! Israel starts first grade in three weeks at the National Catholic center. I’m excited and anxious too. You know my heart it was to homeschool, but because of visa issues I have to send her to school. I have been praying daily for her teacher, who will be her teacher through fifth grade…reading your post reminds me that God cares for our kids!
    Love and miss you, Kathryn! Looking forward to getting Kate and Israel together next spring.


  2. paulette says:

    What amazing answers to prayer! God is faithful! Praying for you all as you grow through this next year! Can’t wait to hear what God does in each of your lives!


  3. Helen says:

    Prayed for you this morning…. I am so glad to hear the first morning was good, I hope and pray it will continue to go well. I love that you’ve found the “right” solution for each of your kids, and they are each in a different situation. You know you are one of the moms who inspires me the most? pre and post- accident…


  4. Hal & Cathy Friesen says:

    Thanks for the update, Kathryn. We prayed again for you earlier this morning, and specifically for each of your children as they enter a new year of school. God is good! Lovingly, Cathy


  5. Jane Smith says:

    So grateful for these answers to prayer and for your sharing them with us. It encourages us all! And I agree with Helen… :-)


  6. Sweet friend!! How God is so good!! What a joy to hear all the blessings being poured on your wonderful family. I think about you all the time. My kids started school today…and Joey and I started homeschool today. Your post was an encouragement to all!!!


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