Pray for Anne…

September 2012’s prayer requests:

  1. Praise God for Anne’s teacher, para-pro and new therapists! Anne is doing so well in school. She has improved behaviorally and academically. We are so grateful!
  2. Please continue to pray for Anne to have self-control, a sound mind and to hunger and thirst after righteousness.
  3. And lastly, pray that Anne will know God’s presence and trust in His good plan for her.

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Pray for Anne…

  1. Great news she’s still doing so well w/her para-pro and therapist and that she’s improved academically and behaviorally!
    Will continue to pray focusing on September’s prayer request goals. May she grow in the Lord daily. God is not through w/Anne yet.
    God bless all of you!


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