High Five!

Anne’s been struggling lately with feeling… in her words, “useless.”

She sees her brother and sister work together to clean up after dinner and she says, “I’m not a help. I’m useless.”

She compares herself to her peers and says, “I’m not good at anything. I’m useless.”

As you can imagine, Eric and I immediately tell her otherwise and we list all the ways she’s valuable. And we’ve noticed a trend. Her worth is in bringing others joy. She’s good at encouraging others, connecting with others, making others laugh.

A great example happened in church this morning… For the first time since the accident, Anne was able to participate in children’s choir. The children helped lead worship this morning, and after they finished singing their few songs, Anne (who was especially proud of herself) reached her hand out to her teacher and said loudly (so that everyone in the congregation could hear), “High Five!”

Do you know how many people commented to me about Anne’s “High Five” after church? Well… several. She’s a delight to others. And if you have a chance to tell her yourself – be sure to encourage her that she is not useless. She is a joy! At least we think so :)

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Jo Brooks Photography

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Jo Brooks Photography

10 thoughts on “High Five!

  1. Johna (Creed) LIzdas says:

    Three beautiful childrenn Kathryn and thankful that they are all with you!! Everyone is useful in their own way….she makes me smile!! Hugs to you all and hope you have a Very Merry Christmas!



  2. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    We each have incredible gifts within us that are God’s way of allowing us to be His hands and feet. If we all could do the same thing……God’s reach would be mighty small. And He is an Awesome and Mighty God……and our differentnesses are EXACTLY what He needs, wants and uses most!

    Anne, you were CHOSEN.
    70 people gathered in a circle and asked Him to allow you to stay, that we NEEDED you, ESPECIALLY now, because you’d bring special things back with you.
    God has already used you to change lives……from that day onward, we’ve been forever changed.
    I can STILL feel the power of that room and that hour…..Bowing before God with open hearts that yearned for His special intervention..
    …..Those in the upper room two thousand years ago couldn’t have experienced more of His Divineness than we all did!

    As you continue to be your wonderful self, learning/growing/changing/giving each day your best…..you will continue to send forth His Special Ripples that none of the rest of us can send.
    GOD is using you…..so it’s IMPOSSIBLE for you to be useless.



  3. marshmallow54@yahoo.com says:

    This is wonderful! I wish I could have heard her sing. But, I was able to watch you sing last night and was SO blessed to watch you sing and praise The Lord. Tears came to my eyes several times during the program. I wanted to wave at all of you. Thank you for sharing your joys and struggles. Much love, Margie Mallow

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  4. Erin says:

    I have a big smile right now thinking about her high five & all the waving she did on stage. Anne looked so beautiful & excited to be there.


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