Now that you’ve had a taste of this crazy idea of mine of “My Year Through the Bible”… It’s time to announce that I am launching a new blog solely dedicated to this endeavor.

I will continue to update regularly with updates on Anne and our family.

So now I have two blogs – with two different e-mail distribution lists!

  1. is my current blog which chronicles my personal journey as a mother to a disabled child. I also share updates of her progress, specific prayer requests and other stories from our family life.
  2. is my second blog dedicated solely to my daily bible readings. There is a permanent link to this blog in the left-side navigation of this site. If you want to join my journey of reading through the bible this year, feel free to go to this new blog and click the “follow” button on the right of the site to be notified by email whenever there is a new post.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing :-) Blessings for a new year! -kathryn

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