Anne is amazing :)

Sometimes I look at Anne and I’m struck by the magnitude of the brain damage. She’s just so impaired in so many ways. But then other times, Anne amazes us…

Yesterday, Anne stood up from her chair at the dinner table all by herself. That was amazing. Then I put her on the sofa and asked her to stand up, and she did it! The whole family was amazed!!

Anne said this morning… “I want a dog. And I think we should name her “Grace” because I bring Grace to other people and my name means “Grace.” That was pretty amazing.

But what she did last night was really amazing…When Eric puts Anne to bed, he always reads to her from the children’s bible, “The Jesus Storybook Bible.” In fact, Eric reads the same bible to Canon and Kate when he puts them to bed. And at times, Anne is able to connect to the stories on a deeper level than Canon and Kate.

Eric was reading a story (that he had never read to Anne) from the New Testament about the field of great price. Remember the story? A man learns that there is treasure in a field, so he sells everything he owns in order to pay the price for the field. In the middle of the story, there was a question: “What is God’s Treasure?” Anne immediately piped up, and said, “God’s children.” Eric, amazed, continued to read the next line of the story…”God’s children are God’s treasure.” And then Anne offered, “The price God paid for his treasure was his Son’s life.”

God seems to have given Anne a special ability to understand his Word. We think that’s… amazing!

13 thoughts on “Anne is amazing :)

  1. paulette says:

    What a blessing from God to your hearts! Anne continues to amaze us all, which points us straight to the Father and his amazing love!


  2. Carol Inlow says:

    Anne is surprising you all with her amazing acomplishments each day & by leaps & bounds She is getting healthier. I just love her, it is wonderful to hear about all these wonderful things Anne is doing. She should be very proud of her self , as well as you all should be. God Bless you all especially Anne.


  3. Anne says:

    Would you say that Anne’s intelligence and comprehension is not as damaged as the function of her physical body by the injury she suffered? That is what it seems to me. How precious that she connects with God’s Word and the truth it reveals to us about our great God! Thanks for sharing these things. And that she has been able to stand up alone is wonderful news!!!


    • It is true that God has preserved much of her cognitive abilities! We are very grateful for all that God had preserved… but she is still impaired. Specifically, she is extremely impulsive. She grabs, throws and hits similar to a 9 month old. She is also impulsive with her words which is not pretty when she’s angry! This is why we are constantly praying that she be filled with God’s spirit so she might have Self Control!

      Thank you for your comment. I love comments because it helps me feel supported when I’m home in the trenches ;)


  4. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Anne, you are indeed Amazing!
    You’re whole family is incredible…..and bear witness to the Awesome Power of God……

    Yup, sounds like you’ve discovered one of the treasures hidden amidst the challenges, a pearl of great price.

    What a gift for your day…..looking forward to hearing what else you discover along your arduous journey.


  5. Mis Debbie says:

    I have always known Anne was special and touched by the hand of God. Now He is using her through His words to give us comfort and joy. We all knew this tragedy would be used for His good and now we begin to see…

    Thank you for sharing and give her a big hug for me!


  6. Carol Culp says:

    I agree with all above! God is certainly using Anne to bless you in many ways as you also struggle in others. What amazing glimpses of physical growth and spiritual insight! Mixed in with the way we too act as infants or toddlers wanting out own way.


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