A good friday for Anne…

My sweet Anne.

She didn’t use her words. All she had to say was… “Please stop touching me.” But she stuck her pencil up the little girl’s nose instead. That poor sweet girl. Anne hurt her feelings – and then something remarkable happened.

Anne felt remorse.

She told me later, “I wish I hadn’t done it. I want to take it back.  …And I want to give my brain injury back too.” Well, that last part wasn’t remorseful, but it was honest! …Sweet, precious Anne.

I’ve been struck by something powerful as I’ve been blogging through the bible… God always gives the sinner a chance to repent. And when true heart-repentance occurs, God is merciful.

Anne pleased God today. She was repentant. And that makes heaven rejoice!

In spite of her rash actions, it was a Good Friday for Anne. It has been for me too :)

Happy Good Friday, and Happy, Happy Easter!

One thought on “A good friday for Anne…

  1. Lucel-Melody says:

    How awesome Anne connected her actions with the truths she’s been taught, and that the “feelings” matched. That is MAJOR. I have soooo many kiddos with SBI who have yet to re-make those connections. Prayer changes soooo MANY things.

    No snail-mail cards because I’ve lossed where to send them and cannot do our on-line church site to get your address. Any chance you could shoot me an e-mail? (as if your plate’s not full enough already!).

    Also wrote Anne a story months ago, in response to something you shared. Have no clue if you’ll find it fitting or helpful or not…..

    Celebrating YOU, your Family, your journey……and of course, Celebrating Easter.

    Love you more than words can say…..


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