Preparing for school

Our summer is winding down. Anne goes back to school next Wednesday (8/7)!

Anne responded so well to serial casting that she only had to have three weeks of casts instead of six, so she will be able to go to school cast-free (serial casting is a technique that increases the range of motion in Anne’s ankle).

This is the first summer that Anne seems brighter and sharper at the end compared to the beginning. Her amazing use of language keeps us in stitches. She uses her words in such a clever and witty way.

The other day, Kate was working through a book of riddles, and Anne was able to figure out riddles which stumped Kate. Anne has excellent reasoning ability. She’s still so smart.

Her challenges are her short attention span, impulsivity and cortical visual impairment (CVI). (CVI is a broad term for visual impairment caused by a problem with the brain, rather than with the eyes.) These are all huge obstacles which Anne must overcome in order to read.

Fluent Reading and Fluid Walking. These are our two dream goals for Anne. These goals are so long-term, I feel like there are a hundred short-term goals to be met to get there. But we’ll keep plugging along… little step by little step.

God continues to supply exactly what we need precisely when we need it. Never less, and never more. We pray for the faith to trust him in the moment and leave the future in his hands. In the meantime, God uses Anne to give us so much joy! We are so grateful for the gift of her life!!

5 thoughts on “Preparing for school

  1. Anne wenger says:

    This is good news. I know the daily work can be hard, but you are a lovely family demonstrating God’s help to persevere.


  2. Freida Corbin says:

    Anne has overcome so many obstacles and is clearly an instrument of God’s work! As I’ve said before, God’s not through with Anne yet! He has lots and lots of plans for her! We just need to be patient and wait upon the Lord!
    God bless!


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