Desire & Determination

My last post was all about how I had been placing my hope in the wrong stuff… like Anne walking (for instance). Well, wouldn’t you know it – all of a sudden Anne has made a major improvement in her walking??!!! Just goes to show you that God really does love to give good gifts to his children!!

Yesterday, we gathered with Eric’s family for a casual Sunday afternoon get-together. Check out this video of her walking to Papa and Nana’s front door.

As I took this video on my phone, I thought to myself that her walking seemed especially good, but I wasn’t prepared for how Anne would surprise us throughout the day…

Papa rented a boat and we cruised around in the sunshine!

Anne & her Papa

Anne & her Papa

At one point, Anne was sitting on a bench – sort of away from everybody, and decided she wanted to be closer to her Aunt Krista, so she tried to stand up and walk.

Now, Anne struggles with the skill, “sit-to-stand.” We take this skill for granted, but for Anne, it’s very difficult… so as she tried to stand over and over again, she got herself crooked on her bench. She recognized this and scooted herself back to the middle of the bench with her legs straight in front of her. I almost fell out of my seat when I saw her do this. Again, something very simple, but very difficult for Anne. And then that little girl stood up and tried to walk by herself over to where her Aunt Krista was sitting. Thank goodness her sister, Kate, was there, because Anne would have fallen!

And that was our day. Watching Anne stand up and try to walk to one family member after another – on a moving boat!! We would always grab her by the hand so she wouldn’t fall – but I’ve never seen Anne with such determination!

This is a huge step forward for Anne. We’ve been praying that Anne would desire to put forth effort. Thank you God for hearing and answering our prayers!!! She is attempting to move in ways she never has before. We have to keep an extra close eye on her now, but we’ll take it!

Our new determined girl!

Our new determined girl!

23 thoughts on “Desire & Determination

    • Sweet Alice, she still has a long way to go!! But it is so encouraging to see small steps of improvement. It is just evidence that her brain is still healing and making new connections! Love you!


  1. krista jackson says:

    It was so great!! And you forgot to add that she was walking on a rocking boat, not on land!! LOL I so love my time with Anne. She and I are going to be walking on the beach looking for shells at Thanksgiving. Just you wait and see. That girl has some will power and if she sets her mind to it, SHE WILL DO IT! xoxo


  2. Janet Fortenberry says:

    Thanks be to God! His gifts are good. Time tests our souls and we have seen many souls being faithful in lifting Anne and your family in prayer! The whole body can rejoice! Thank you for your faithfulness in sharing with the rest of us! Hugs to you all!


  3. WAY TO GO ANNE!!!!!!! Now Kathryn, better hide that Ranch and potato chips…HERE COMES TROUBLE! And we welcome that with open arms!!! give her BIG hugs from us! All the Irbys are cheering her on!


  4. Freida Corbin says:

    What an awesome accomplishment! She will do things when God is ready for her to do them! As I’ve said all along, God’s not through with Anne yet!
    Praises to our God!


  5. Rebecca says:

    I wad all excited about the post on Anne’s bowling win and shared with Marshall and he said, did you see the previous post on Anne walking?” “how did I miss that??” WOW WOW WOW!! And deductive reasoning skills, too!! Very cool!!! Awesome!!!!
    Praise God!! And I loved the bowling story. Her skills imply she has a good sense of how the ball should go. It makes me think she has a 6th sense that gives her a certain kind of vision/aim. So it seems apt in this whole process, that she has shared with all of us a new way to see Gid, as well!!


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