Pray for Anne…

March 2014’s prayer requests:

Please pray for Anne…

  1. With a slight increase in medication, Anne’s seizures have disappeared AND her stuttering seems to be gone completely!!! So thankful :)
  2. Anne will have another three-week round of Intensive TheraSuit therapy beginning March 31st. Please pray that Anne would improve in , strength, balance, walking and eye tracking. Anne has responded so well to this therapy in the past. We are grateful for the opportunity and provision to do this therapy for a third time.
  3. Finally, pray for Anne’s encouragement. She is desiring to become more independent (which is wonderful) but sometimes this desire causes her frustration as there are still so many things she cannot do without help.

Thank you so much! Your continued prayer and support after all these years is an inspiration to our family!

9 thoughts on “Pray for Anne…

  1. Debbie Long says:


    So glad to hear Annie Bee is getting another TheraSuit Therapy! Tell her I love her and miss her. I pray everyday for Anne, you, Eric, Cannon and Kate.

    Love to all,

    Miss Debbie


  2. Lu says:

    HOORAY for a third set of TheraSuit Therapy! AWESOME.
    Thank you for letting us know specifically how to pray…..lifting you up always…..(“you” here being your entire family and all involved in offering support and medical care).


  3. Ruth King says:

    Kathryn, I love reading the updates on Anne as well as the rest of the family. I will continue to pray for her continued healing. I love your family. What an inspiration you are to me as well as a catalyst in our church to see the power of individual and corporate prayer.

    Ruth Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2014 23:31:48 +0000 To:


  4. Crystal says:

    Love knowing how to specifically pray for Anne,…and your family, thank you. You, Anne and your family are such an encouragement to me.
    Rejoicing with you that the seizures and stuttering are both gone!

    In Him.


  5. Thank you SO MUCH everyone for your prayers and words of encouragement. Anne is changing. Outwardly, the changes range from wonderful to frustrating, but the outward changes indicate deeper changes in her brain which is SO encouraging!!!


  6. Sue Jackson says:

    Hallelujah! Way to go Anne! Amazing the stuttering is gone! God hears our cries. Work hard on the TheraSuit therapy! You’ve got this! We love you so much! Papa and Nana.


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