TheraSuit therapy 2014: Day 1

I’m writing from the waiting room of the therapy clinic. This is a brand new clinic to us with new therapists and a long way away from home. But TheraSuit is worth the drive.

Anne has done AMAZING today. Not one tear. Not even a complaint. Nothing but determination and a GREAT attitude. Honestly, I’m shocked!

Tomorrow will be harder, but I’m encouraged by the excellent start!!

I have two pressing prayer requests:
First, we are still waiting on the last step for insurance approval. Please pray that approval would come TOMORROW! If we do not receive prior approval tomorrow, we will have to suspend therapy until we receive it.

Second: Kate is getting over a really bad cold. If Anne catches Kate’s cold, Anne would miss therapy until she recovered – which is typically 5-7 days for Anne. Please pray that Anne would stay healthy!

Thank you!

6 thoughts on “TheraSuit therapy 2014: Day 1

  1. Lu says:

    HOORAY for a FANTABULOUS Beginning! THAT is Awesome. (It’s extra incredible considering it’s with new people in a new location–stellar!)

    Kate, soo sorry you’ve got a cold. That is NOT fun. Hope you’re feeling better soon, sweetie.
    (Yes, praying Anne does NOT catch it).

    Hope approval’s on it’s way Post Haste and all is in good working order by day’s end!!!

    Loving you/your entire family and lifting you up “extra much” as I know TheraSuit’s a taxing time for everyone all round.


  2. Thank you everyone for praying. Anne’s prior approval hasn’t been denied – so that’s good! We’re just waiting to see how much they approve. We’re praying for all of it! Anne also started to get a runny nose this evening. We’re praying that it’s just allergies and not a full-blown cold.


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