TheraSuit Year 3: Wrap Up

Anne finished her third week of Intensive TheraSuit Therapy strong!

It will take a few months for Anne’s muscles to recover and heal, but if the results are similar to the last two years’ sessions, then we’ll see a big cognitive and physical boost 3-4 months from now.

Thank you for your prayers for Anne. She stayed healthy (even though all of her family battled severe colds), and she stayed strong!

Here’s a short video of her walking in the “suit” with a cane at the end of the 3rd week… Notice how she introduces herself at the end of the video. Anne never meets a stranger :)

5 thoughts on “TheraSuit Year 3: Wrap Up

  1. Erin P says:

    She looks amazing! I can tell that her legs are stronger and her balance has improved already! Praise God for continually bringing healing and health to Anne, and for giving her motivation to persevere and sing His praises.


  2. Lu says:

    Sooooo Awesome. Look at you reaching out to shake hands, talking AND standing all-at-the-same-time! Whoot Whoot girly-girl. YOU ROCK, grin.
    Incredibly proud of you and how hard you’ve worked.

    Praying for Anne as her entire body “processes” the last 3 weeks of work, and finds ways to incorporate it into daily life. May the skies be the limit to where our Anne goes!


  3. Rebecca Johnson says:

    Wow!! I love how she just says “I’m coming to see you guys”. I don’t know, but I think slang is huge!! :)) It shows so much intelligence and context and understanding. BEAUTIFUL!!!! THANK YOU, GOD!!!!


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