Pray for Anne…

July 2014’s prayer requests:

Please pray for Anne…

  1. Praise God that Anne’s seizures seem to have subsided along with her extreme emotional outbursts! Anne has become her delightful self again – bringing us joy with her quick wit and loving attitude :)
  2. We also praise God for an outstanding time at a summer day-camp for special needs kids and their siblings. Anne and Kate both attended and came away with great memories and a closer relationship.
  3. Finally, Anne has been accepted into her first ever overnight camp!! It’s a camp specifically for kids with traumatic brain injuries. Camp TBI (To Be Independent) is held at an accessible camp facility and provides one-on-one counselors (all of which are OT students) for their campers. As the date for this camp approaches, I’ll ask for prayer for Anne to ease her homesickness.

Thank you for your prayers!!! Your continued prayer and support after all these years is an inspiration to our family!

5 thoughts on “Pray for Anne…

  1. Lu says:

    Lifting up a G’zillion Praises for each good and amazing step forward and for healing mercies, while continuing to fervently lift each of you up in Prayer-Songs as you travel thru each day. The victories are many, and the challenges are great. Bless you!

    ESPECIALLY praying that TBI Camp is Wonder-FILLED for Anne and a healing rest/regroup for you.

    Much Love & Warm Support steadily flowing…………and as always, thanks ever so much for keeping us updated.

    Hugs (and Happy Tail wags from Mocha)

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  2. Joy says:

    Praise, Praise, Praise! We will be praying specifically that Anne will have a wonderful time at camp and will not be homesick. We just went through our first away camp for a child who experienced home sickness, so it is near & dear to our hearts. Let us know when camp will be. Can we send her a card to get at camp. My camper LOVED that!!!

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  3. Praise our Almighty God for all of these blessings! Praying for God to let this new experience of the overnight camp be a joyful one for Anne and that He’ll ease the homesickness she might experience. All kids get homesick! It’s only natural! I did! I’m sure it’ll be even more challenging for Anne though. God will be with her and I pray she feels His presence surrounding her and making her feel safe and sound. I pray that you won’t be too anxious during this time! She’ll have excellent personnel right by her all the time! She’s such a lucky girl!
    God bless all of you and may He keep you in all of your undertakings!
    Prayers continue!

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