Pray for Anne…

September 2014’s prayer requests:

Please pray for Anne…

  1. Anne has had a great start in school. Her reading has improved and her teachers are impressed with her academic progress!
  2. Even though Anne is progressing academically, she is struggling behaviorally. Her shortened attention span and increased impulsive behavior negatively affect her academic performance. Over the next few months, we will inquire with several doctors about medications to improve Anne’s attention. Please pray for wisdom as we begin this new journey.
  3. Finally, please pray for God to give Anne PATIENCE. Anne’s desire for independence has increased (which is wonderful), but…her frustration level has also increased. She needs a healthy balance between determination and patience.

Thank you for your prayers!!! Your continued prayer and support after all these years is so encouraging to our family!

7 thoughts on “Pray for Anne…

  1. She is a trooper and you are also as you walk a difficult path. I do pray for her and am pleased to hear of her progress. I will pray for the intervention of our God to help her with self-control and with more patience, even with herself.


  2. That’s wonderful that Anne has had a great start to school and that she’s already showing some progress and improvement!
    I feel sure that the doctor will help you find a solution to improve Anne’s attention span and her impulsive behavior. These can affect academic progression. Just be patient and be thorough with the doctor when explaining the situation. He/She will need to know all the details to know how to go about treating Anne.
    May God bestow patience in Anne and relieve the frustration that she’s having. It is great that she wants to be independent, but she does have limitations.
    God’s not through with Anne yet! She’s a work-in-progress!
    Prayers and blessing for all of the family and Anne’s teachers and those who work with her.


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