Very Full

I realize that I neglected to post Anne’s monthly prayer request update for October. Bottom line: our life is full!

I absolutely love my new job. It is energizing to be challenged academically, to interact with students and godly staff, and to teach again. In everything I do, I am always a teacher, so being an official ‘teacher’ makes it easy to be who God made me to be :)

I’m thankful that I am only a part-time teacher. Being part-time allows me to be home when Anne gets off the bus. It also allows me to take her to all of her doctor’s appointments!

Anne’s appointments are about to get very overwhelming…

  • This week, she starts acute hand therapy. We are finally at a place in her recovery to address her left hand. Her thumb joint is unstable and her left wrist and fingers are severely contracted. We will go to a highly respected hand therapist twice a week through December.
  • In January, she will start her 4th session of Intensive TheraSuit Therapy. This involves driving an hour to and from a therapy clinic every weekday for three weeks.
  • We are also working with a neuro-psychologist and neurologist to begin a medication regimen to improve Anne’s attention.

I also have two other children with hectic schedules of their own! So yes, we are very full.

When I begin to feel overwhelmed, I breathe. And then I ask for God’s help! I need to give myself grace to let the laundry pile up and to eat a few take-out meals for dinner. In the end, it’s only the unseen that has value…

Laundry is seen, but perseverance is unseen. Anne’s disability is seen, but the love of Christ in her is unseen. So we press on – trusting in the unseen person of Jesus, and finding rest in him in the midst of our overwhelming schedules :)

5 thoughts on “Very Full

  1. alice molpus says:

    I love you Kathryn and am so proud of all the love and dedication that you put into Annes care. I couldnt stop crying when i saw her walking with a walker at church last week… love you,alice


  2. Hal & Cathy Friesen says:

    Always looking for that update. Your lives are full indeed–but nothing of which is “too big” for our God! Daily prayers for each of the five of you! Cathy


  3. With your busy schedule, you need to take time for yourself. :)
    If I may add to your post. As some of your friends and church members may not realize how far Anne has really come. We had another annual meeting at school for Anne. It’s been almost 4 years since Anne returned to school since the accident. I will NEVER forget when she came into my classroom( along with Mrs. Jackson, Canon and Kate) and Anne asked, ” Are you my mother( from the Dr. Seuss book)?” She’s come so far from not throwing things in the classroom to being able function fairly well as a 3rd grader. She can do quite a bit of academic work, she’s starting to read, can type sentences and paragraphs with assistance and is even learning addition with regouping, and multiplication as been introduced. She even started using the regular computer with a track ball. We are even discussing more assistive technology as she approaches middle school. Unthinkable 2 years ago when she would just turn the off and on switch on the computer. Also, she uses he walker throughout the school day. Quite an accomplishment from where she was. Attention and behavior are still issues. But with a little patience and redirection and the occasional time out and alternative snack( cheerios works wonders, when she can’t have her favorite potato chips). I firmly believe that Anne would not have come as far as she has without the support of her family and friends.

    Adrienne Duris
    Anne’s OI/OHI Case Manager/Teacher/ Friend


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