Therapy Milestones

Right now, I am sitting in the waiting room of a therapy center located an hour away from my home. I’ve been here every day for the last three weeks. Anne is finishing up another round of TheraSuit Intensive Therapy. I’ve been juggling my job, Anne’s therapy and normal mom duties. I’m done.

Each day in this waiting room is full of adventure. I’m here for hours every day. Kids with walkers, canes and scooters move past me, and typically they are crying. The same therapists deal with screaming kids every day – patiently pushing them past their comfort zones. There’s something refreshing about being around special needs kids. There is no pretense. What you see is what you get…

They are kind and compassionate. They have grit and determination. When they’re mad, they yell. When they’re happy, they squeal. It’s so simple – and real.

Anne is doing fantastic during therapy. Her strength, energy and balance have all improved since the last session. She cries, yells and squeals just like every other kid in therapy. She’s a mess. But she’s a good mess :)

Therapy will end in another hour or so, and Anne and I will start the hour-plus commute home. Tomorrow is the last day, and I can’t wait!

Sometimes I wonder if all the therapy is worth it. I wonder how much to push – how much time to sacrifice. But then I look at the progress…

Look at the difference between these two videos. The first is of Anne last year. Look at how wobbly and weak Anne’s legs are. The therapist is giving maximum assistance, holding Anne with one hand and moving Anne’s cane with the other. The second video was taken today. Anne is with the same therapist, but she is so much stronger!! Anne is able to manage the cane independently and the therapist is holding her lightly for balance/safety. The difference is amazing.



I guess we’ll keep taking one day at a time – resting in God’s strength to get through today and trusting in His faithfulness to provide the strength for tomorrow :)

8 thoughts on “Therapy Milestones

  1. Lu says:

    So very glad to hear from you again, grin.
    Yup, have understood you’ve been MAJORLY busy with life on a g’zillion fronts…and so have simply been lifting you up in Prayer-songs continually.
    Yup, “real” is refreshing (and sometimes offensive, awkward, surprising and grand).
    Yup, BIG difference between the two videos. Thank you for setting them up so we could see both today.
    Celebrating, Thanksgiving, and Praying all continuing to flow.

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  2. Claire Reid says:

    Wow, she was walking with tons more confidence and great ease in the second video. It’s almost like she didn’t need the cane. Very encouraging.

    On another note, how is the latin going?! I’m sure you are staying well ahead of your students. We all think it is so neat that you took on this challenge!!



  3. Megan says:

    Oh, how this girl makes me both laugh and weep. It’s such a visible reminder of how we avoid and dislike struggle, but God always uses the struggle to develop and grow us and move us forward with increased strength. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so encouraged by this.

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  4. Miss Debbie says:

    Kathryn, Please tell Annie how proud Miss Debbie is of her. She is doing great! I pray for you and the whole family daily and love hearing of her journey.

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  5. So encouraging to see her progress! Way to persevere both Anne and Momma! Great to see this update on y’all! My kids were just reminiscing about our homeschool days together again recently! Miss you!


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