A Daughter’s love and A Daddy’s heart

We dropped Anne off at overnight camp yesterday. It’s an amazing camp for kids with TBI. They provide a one-to-one counselor to camper ratio so that kids with disabilities can experience the independence and fun of a typical camp. Anne loves it.

As much as we cherish a break from caring for her, we miss her person while she’s gone. Kate struggled to go to sleep last night without her sister, “She talks me to sleep, Momma. I miss Anne.” So we send Anne letters and pray for God’s protection.

Eric wrote Anne the most beautiful letter. Here’s an excerpt…

Little Anne,

…God has always taken care of you and he always will. He took care of you when you were in the hospital and could not speak or move, and He is with you now. God healed you because He has giant-sized plans for you. We are so thankful that you can talk to us and bless us with your kindness, love and even your wit.

Anne, you are such a blessing to our family because you love us so unconditionally. You are quick to forgive, have a short memory for wrongs, never hold grudges, and are quick to show us love. God gave you a special joy in your heart, and it is infectious. Keep sharing that joy you feel with others….


Eric beautifully summarized what I have been feeling all summer. Even though it is physically difficult to care for Anne – and will only get harder as we both get older – to be loved by Anne is other-worldly. It’s a taste of heaven – a holy encounter. Her love is lavish and unfiltered, uninhibited and free. The sheer weight of her love is staggering. Words can’t describe it.

I thank God for every squeal of delight and unsolicited, “I love you, Momma.” This is God’s special gift for me and Eric. God supplies our every need in this difficult but joy-filled journey. Thank you, Jesus, for our little Anne :)

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Jo Brooks Photography

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Jo Brooks Photography

9 thoughts on “A Daughter’s love and A Daddy’s heart

  1. Victoria Eades says:

    love! As always…. :)

    I’ve thought of your family often these past few days as I was called in to assess a little boy born with a missing corpus callosum (connective tissue between the two sides of the brain) that his family has decided to place for adoption. He’s 3 1/2 and a twin. His twin and younger brother are healthy. He is usually pleasant, but detached, has limited verbal capacity, walks with a walker, will likely never be toilet trained, etc…

    A challenge, to be sure, but usually sweet and easily pleased and smiling. His family doesn’t feel that they can care for him long term I can not begin to understand where the path they have walked or to pass judgement on them for their decision, but I couldn’t help thinking about how beautifully your family has embraced Anne and allowed God to use her in your family’s heart and lives.

    Your story is beautiful and God’s grace is abundant and dependable.

    Victoria Eades, BA Adoption Consultant An Open Door Adoption Agency vteades7@gmail.com 770.354.2186



    • Thank you Victoria! I can’t imagine how painful a decision that must be for that family. Thank you for writing and continuing to encourage us after all these years! Love you :)


  2. Sue says:

    Kathryn, this is one of the most beautiful letter I have read. It sounds as though through such a tragic experience the entire family has grown in their understanding and grace of God. It sounds like what seemed to be [and is] a terrible accident, God could still use it for good. Thank you for sharing such a deeply personal letter and allowing us to be grateful with you. Nanna

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  3. Lu Wings says:

    Amazing Love: Anne’s, yours, God’s.
    Thank you, will never be enough, for all you’ve shared with us, your supporters, prayer warriors and fellow travelers on this amazing journey of life.

    Happy Camping Anne!

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  4. Mary Ellen says:

    This morning Glenn read to me from ‘My Utmost for His Highest’. In today’s reading Chambers says that people often say God allows difficulty in our lives to teach and grow us but the truth is he allows trials in our lives to clean out the things in our lives that block our experience or God’s love and character.
    The thing is you and Eric seemed to be some of the people who really knew well God and His love before the accident but we can see that God has increased that knowledge exponentially.
    We thank God for your faithfulness and love because it shows us God love and faithfulness. You’re right, how many more people will see God’s character and love because of Anne’s and your experiences!?

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