December Craziness

It’s December… December schedule = crazy!



Two adults with jobs + three kids + basketball + church choir + Christmas crazy + TheraSuit Intensive Therapy = insane. IN-SANE.

What’s TheraSuit Intensive Therapy? It’s 15 days of four-hour therapy sessions. We’re on Day 2. Only 13 more to go!

Despite the craziness, we’re thriving. I’m surrounded by good people who do amazing things – like make me meals and take care of my kiddos and cover my classes when I have to leave early to take Anne to therapy. Speaking of therapy…it is going GREAT!

This is Anne’s SIXTH time to undergo this therapy in the last three years. She’s come so far. Anne used to cry the whole time. Now she squeals and sings and even flies :)

It’s hard to understand just how amazing this video is…unless you’ve been Anne’s therapist for the last few years. Short version: Anne used to not be able to move her head up and down – it made her feel like she was going to fall. Lying prone in a sling and looking down while swinging was ridiculously impossible six months ago. Now she just laughs. It’s amazing.

God is at work! There is lots of amazing-ness in the middle of our December craziness ;) I’m sure there’s more amazing-ness to come! Stay tuned…

8 thoughts on “December Craziness

  1. Lu Wings says:

    Dancing a jig of delight, and praise and sending oodles of encouragement and HOORAYS for EVERYONE!
    Prayers continue to flow…..


  2. Ruth King says:

    This girl is amazing! Every time I see her I am filled with joy. Every time you post these videos I am reminded how now I am always smiling when I think of her and pray for her. There was a time when every time I thought of her or prayed for her I cried. To Him be the glory..

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