Six Years

On this day, six years ago, Anne survived. She has now lived more years with a Traumatic Brain Injury than without. It still hurts to think that my beautiful daughter will live the rest of her life battling disability.

But life goes on ;) We, like most every family, battle the mundane. There’s still laundry and lunches to prepare. Meal planning and carpooling. Now that I am teaching, I have additional grading and lesson planning responsibilities.  We also have “special” mundane tasks…like today, on my day off, I made a visit to the chiropractor because carrying Anne down the stairs ain’t no joke! I also just completed a seizure action plan for Anne to attend overnight camp this summer. Ordinary tasks for an ordinary day.

But it’s not an ordinary day! I now share this painful anniversary with a friend whose mother passed away this morning. I will reach out to her on April 13th for years to come…just as friends have reached out to me. I just received this text, “Love you today, sweet friend! Grateful for all God has done.”

Grateful. This is the right word. For even though we still experience sadness when we look into Anne’s forever-different eyes, most of all, we feel gratitude. I believe her unconditional love is the closest to God’s love I’ll see this side of heaven. We are grateful for our Anne!

To celebrate Anne’s life on this day…we are sharing a video our oldest son, Canon, created as part of a scholarship application. We love you, Anne!!!

5 thoughts on “Six Years

  1. Carol Inlow says:

    You are a great big brother to Anne. you did a great job on your video, & I loved how much you care about your sister.
    I have been keeping up with Anne’s progress over the years & what a great family she has supporting her. I can see the love you & your baby sister have for Anne & how much you care for her.
    Love to your whole family, Carol Inlow

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  2. Lu Wings says:

    Hi Mama,
    Yes, I remember the day well.
    It is forever etched on my heart for a whole HOST of reasons.
    Bless you “extra much”.
    May He minister, as always, to your heart as you live with this day and it’s ripples, all the rest of your days.
    May His blessings continue to abound and pour forth without ceasing, and may He continue to gird you up empower you and carry you thru each moment of every day.

    Nicely Done, Canon.
    Your video is GREAT.
    Really neat how you intertwined Anne’s non-judgmental, all encompassing love, with God’s matchless love. And how neat that you, in turn, want to mirror love back to Anne.
    You’re making a mighty difference.

    Thank you.


  3. Sue Jackson says:

    Canon, you have moved your Papa and I to tears. Her unconditional love and your unconditional love reflects the Holy Love and perfect love of Jesus Christ. May God always be your rock and your fortress. Love,


  4. I remember when this happened and have followed your journey these years. Thank you for sharing your struggles and joys and for being transparent and showing God’s love and faithfulness throughout it all. Canon’s video was such a testimony and brought me to tears. May the Lord continue to guide you and Eric as you plan and look forward. God’s love and glory are being made manifest, there is no doubt! Love,


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