Crayons In My Water

bubbles-crayons-water-favim-com-246347Why the name: Crayons In My Water??

I was at dinner with my kiddos and some of my friends and their kiddos. It was chaos. But not the “I’m going to scream” kind of chaos. More like “this would be fun to watch from a distance” kind of chaos.

Sitting beside me was my sweet Anne. If you’ve never been to a restaurant with Anne, let me assure you that she is at the height of unpredictability in this environment. You can read about our past adventures in restaurants here.

Tonight, however, was a good night for Anne. She received her food quickly. She ate without complaint. She only spilled her ranch dressing once. She remained relatively clean throughout the entire meal. Then, my food arrived. I didn’t notice that Anne had finished her food and had started throwing crayons in my water. Imagine my surprise when I tried to drink the said water. You should have heard Anne laugh. Heaven must be filled with those sorts of sounds :)

The crayon in my water is an apt metaphor of life with Anne. It’s unpredictable, whimsical, inconvenient, and nothing if not colorful. So at the urging of my good friend I’ve changed the name of my blog. The old blog needed a refresh. What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Crayons In My Water

    • Lu says:

      I came back here this afternoon because a thought popped into my head earlier……I remember as a child, discovering that my crayons floated. Nope, I do not know if that’s true any longer, as the making-process may have changed. I dumped the entire box in, to see if it was true for every color. Yup, it was. Sadly, it was not true for the box, lol, as I’d tossed that in “just in case” it too could float (thus the trusty cigar box for miss-homed crayons, grin).

      Well, this picture seemed to fit your new blog and your life in many different ways.
      You opened the box of crayons that are Anne, and discovered one morning that the colors had changed….the shock of it took awhile to fall in love with and learn to incorporate into your world, as beautiful, these new hues.
      or maybe
      The box that Anne came with shocked everyone by sinking…..and the sadness was humongous,
      until, slowly, you discovered the amazing durability of a cigar box and how broken crayons are as valuable as the unbroken, and can actually do things the unbroken cannot….like make broad strokes across the page…leaving in it’s wake the flourish of His amazing grace… tucked within the brokenness, that would never have been discovered, had you not, one day for the briefest of moments, forgotten to seek sturdy and straight…..but reached in without sight or judgement, hands finding what was needed–that seemingly broken (and thus unuseable) crayon…..only to discover the unique and marvelous things it could do.
      or maybe how
      With broken crayons, we’re more willing to allow them to be melted into a new shape/form and thus have at one stroke, a rainbow of colors dance across our page of life.

      May the treasures that are yours within your crayon box continue to grow…..magically, with His touch, going from a small box of 8, to a new box of 105 (that’s made now–to the delight of my artistic soul, grin) and beyond.

      As always, love and prayers flowing….


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